Online Poker Terms You Must Know

Poker is one of the popular card games favored by players around the world. The emergence of Online Poker games seems to be a place that makes it easier for players to be able to play this game anywhere and anytime. Now you don’t have to bother going to the casino because you can play it online.

The advantage is that there are so many players playing it so you won’t be confused about who to play with, just choose a room and sit in the place you like and start playing. Unlike playing poker offline, you have to go to an official gambling place at an overseas casino, because if you play gambling you can get a prison sentence.

Playing poker online is a solution for people who have a hobby of betting on card games such as poker. All players from all over the world gather online to play poker without the hassle.

This Online Poker game is no different from ordinary poker players, it’s just that in online poker games you don’t need to meet directly with other players, you can meet players from various places. This is a plus because you don’t need to find an opponent when you want to play, you can play anytime with other players online.

Online Poker Terms You Must Know

In the game of poker there are several terms that are commonly used that you must know, before playing at least you must know the meaning of this term so you don’t experience difficulties during the game.


In Online Poker gambling, like being directly at a gambling table, there will be a dealer right in the middle of the table who acts to distribute cards to players. There are option buttons for actions you can perform while playing.

Check is a function to decide you are still in the game, but do not raise the bet also want to see the next card. If you are not sure about the card you got but your opponent doesn’t raise the bet, you should just check in case there’s a miracle on the next card.


This is a command similar to check. If the check only passes without increasing the bet, this call follows the existing bet or the bet that has been raised by another player. In essence, this call is used to follow the size of the bet that has been made by the player before you.


When you feel stuck and want to stop playing at that current round in Online Poker games, just select fold. Its function is that you close the card for some reason or want to reduce the risk of losing even further. You can choose at any time to fold but consider if there is a chance of winning. Be careful when using this function because when your card is good but you accidentally press the fold button, it’s your turn.


Sometimes good cards make the player in the mood to want to play with more stakes. At times like this, make sure you are sure of a high win rate. The raise function can raise the bet on the table so that it gives the opponent the option to participate or choose to fold.

This technique is often used to bully opponents. The position when we get a good card can try this technique but don’t be aggressive. The opposing player will try his luck. It could be that you won or it could be your opponent.

All in

Don’t want to wait any longer to risk your capital ?, All in as a solution. All active capital that you have on the table will be directly at stake. A move that will make your opponent dizzy especially when they are unsure of their cards. Make sure you are confident in the cards that are in place before making this buzz.


Is a bonus that awaits you when you buy it before the game takes place at Online Poker games. There is an option to buy the jackpot at what nominal. There are also provisions on how much you get on certain types of wins. When you get the royal flush with the highest nominal value at the table, be prepared to get a bountiful fortune because you can get up to millions of rupiah.

By understanding these terms, you are very ready to play Poker Online, you only have to prepare your capital and win at the game table.