How to Play Ceme Judi Online

Domino card game is one of the favorites in the world of gambling. Indeed, poker card games that use playing cards are indeed popular in the world of gambling, especially in Online Gambling. But not inferior to playing cards, dominoes also have a game that is very popular among gamblers.

But do you guys understand how to play it? Of course many people already understand how to play it. The language this time is more for people who don’t know ceme and how is it different from the domino qq game, let’s look at the discussion below.

How to Play Ceme Gambling Online

In the online gambling game itself, there are 2 types of games, namely mobile ceme and regular ceme. In regular ceme games you can choose to play as a dealer or as a player. If we choose to be a dealer, your card will be pitted against the other players.

This game is indeed almost similar to the domino qq game where ceme itself only uses two cards while domino qq uses 4 cards. The ceme game can be played by 2 – 8 players consisting of 7 players and one dealer. The red seats are usually occupied by the dealer and the black seats are usually used by the players.

The game will not start if no player is the dealer. The dealer must have a balance of at least 14x the maximum amount bet on the table in order to pay the players if all the players win. When 2 cards are distributed, the online gambling ceme players are the time for the players to start peeking at the card (in pyrite).

One of the sensations of playing the ceme is when saving on the cards that are obtained before the cards are opened. After you open the card, it is time for the calculation round, the very easy method is to add the cards you get, if the total is 2 digits then what you will see is the back number only.

For example, if you get 12 then the value is 2 because the back value is 2. If you manage to beat the number of cards that the dealer gets, you can be sure you will win, but if you get the same card or below the dealer then you will lose.

One of the advantages of being a dealer is that if there are cards with the same total then the dealer will win. So if you look at it, being a dealer can be very profitable compared to being a regular player. Being a dealer allows you to win a bigger amount than you play as a regular player.

So, those are some explanations that we can convey. I hope the discussion this time can be useful and become new insights for you.