These are the Rules for Playing Online Gambling that You Must Follow

Online gambling from time immemorial has indeed become a game that gambling connoisseurs are looking for in Indonesia. Online gambling is believed to be able to bring huge amounts of money just by playing it.

So because of that who doesn’t want to play games but can earn lots of money? Even now, various kinds of online gambling games have become a hobby for some people. Then are you interested in playing online gambling?

For those of you who haven’t tried playing online gambling, play right now, so you don’t miss other players who have gotten whatever they want from playing online gambling alone.

These are the Rules for Playing Online Gambling that You Must Follow

Of course, you must be wondering what are the rules that must be prepared before playing online gambling? So on this occasion we will discuss some rules for being able to play online gambling.


The first rule before playing online gambling is that you must be of sufficient age. The minimum age for playing online gambling is 18 years, this rule is useful for keeping online gambling players from underage. Because competition is quite fierce, age becomes an important first rule.

Have a Bank Account

Furthermore, the second rule is that you must have a personal account. Having your own account is useful for processing transactions when playing online gambling. Because this gambling game is online based, the transaction process also uses a bank that has collaborated with the site.

Banks that have worked together are banks that are already the largest and proven ones in the country such as BCA, Mandiri, BNI, BRI, etc.

Own Capital

The third rule after having your own bank is that you have to prepare capital to be transferred through the bank that you have registered. After you have the capital, you can play the games that have been provided by the online gambling party.

Can only have 1 account

The last thing is that you can only have 1 account on 1 account that you have registered. Cannot use 2 accounts with the same account. This is to avoid negative things that smell of cheating or other things that can harm the members of the online gambling site.

Those are some rules that you must prepare and obey before starting online gambling games. Before you play, first read carefully the rules on the online gambling site to avoid misunderstandings. Immediately join and win up to millions of rupiah every day. Good luck!