Guide to How to Play Over Under on Trusted Football Gambling Sites

You can get how to play Over Under on a Trusted Football Gambling Site through this helpful guide from the admin this time, especially for those of you who are beginners. Over under, of course, is not a type of online soccer gambling bet that is familiar to real bettors, you could say this bet has a lot of enthusiasts.

How to play over under is very easy on a trusted soccer gambling site, where you only need to guess the results in one match whether it will be worth over (over) or under (not exceeding) the number of goals on the market.

Guide to How to Play Over Under on Trusted Football Gambling Sites

Keep in mind that in this over under bet, odds (kei) are something that really needs to be considered, because in over / under there are 2 types of odds (kei). For more details, see information like the following:

1. Odds (kei) is negative

If the odds value (kei) has a red market value like -1.07 then the amount of the bet you place is IDR 100,000, then the calculation is that you have to pay 7 thousand more. The kei calculation for each minus odds is a bet worth 100 thousand = 1 thousand rupiah.

2.Odds (kei) is positive

In positive (kei) odds, it will usually be marked in black, for example: if the positive odds are 1.07 and the bet amount you place is Rp. 100,000, -. In this positive kei bet you will get additional profit in kei, but the bet is not subject to a kei more according to the bet you placed. For the over under bet type, fulltime, halftime or street ball can be done. And the winnings also do not count from which team wins but from the final score of a match.

For how to play over under is as follows:


To win over bets, the minimum goal for a match is only 1 goal required. And if you put an under you have to end up with a score on the glasses.

2.0.5 – 1

To win over then a match must have 2 or more goals. If the total number of goals in 1 match ends with only 1 goal then it is called a win over half. To win under, the result of the match must end with a score of glasses.

3.1.50 – 2

A full win over condition can occur if a match ends with a minimum of 3 goals or more. However, if the result of the match only ends with 2 goals, it will be called a win over half. Winning under can occur if the final score in the match is 1 goal.